Cover- July 2016

By Sheri Hemrick

Cover-July 2014

By Sheri Hemrick

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Cover- October, 2016

Cover-April 2014

By Sheri Hemrick

Cover- April 2016

By Sheri Hemrick

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Cover-October 2014

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Cover-October 2015

By Kimberley Smith

Cover-January 2015

By Curtis Callaway

Cover-October 2013

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Cover-July 2015

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Cover- January 2016

Cover-April 2015

By Sheri Hemrick

Cover-July 2013

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Cover-April 2013

Photo by Kimberley Smith

Dear former customers and loyal supporters,
I want to update you on the "retirement" of Bosque Living Magazine. The magazine is permanently retired. 

Bosque Living Magazine should not be associated with any other area magazine or publication—now or in the future—since it will remain out of publication. (As a reminder, all of the content, ads with or without photos (if not supplied) remain under the copyright of Bosque Living Magazine and should not be used without my written permission.) 

I want to express my heartfelt and sincere appreciation to all our wonderful former advertisers, readers and supporters who helped make Bosque Living Magazine a huge success throughout the years! We enjoyed the camaraderie, the friendships we made, and the opportunity to work with each of you.
-- Kimberley Smith., Publisher